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Mecca SunSeer - Owner
Sinsational Sexxxtacy

When I first gained knowledge of Sunshine's existence I was in admiration of her sexy appearance , so I decided to send a request and check what she's about.  Much to my delight she was a cool and grounded lady with a witty sense of humor . After some time I finally met her in person and I can definitely say she's one of the coolest people I've met in the lifestyle community.  She's the type to make a newbie feel at ease and give a vet confidence that there's still genuine people in the lifestyle


Christoper Cazzell - Owner
TNT Firepower

Sunshine has always given the  lifestyle community exactly what it needed. A spirited individual that also gives back to the regular community. I have only been in the lifestyle for nearly two years, but she has shown with a positive attitude and caring demeanor, great things can be accomplished. I first met Sunshine Asis while watching her radio show Adult Konversation. As I try to link the entire lifestyle together, she understood my voyage and the meaning behind everything that I do. I endorsed her and her radio show and continue to do so while promoting her and her endeavors. We became friends almost instantly when we met and she continues to educate me and I feel like my opinion is valuable to her. When I think of lifestyle, she is the first person that comes to mind. Once you are in her inner circle, you understand just how much she gives to the lifestyle community. I am proud to call her one of my closest friends.😘😘😘😘😘

TNT Pic.png

Kinky Bitch Adult Toys - Owner

Hi & Good Evening Sunshine Asis:

Since the night I met you 5 months ago when I asked you to stand on my face after just meeting me it's been a cool ride with you in my life. You've been a good friend and more importantly you've been an awesome inspiration to me and my business.  As you know your radio show brought about some happy customers from placing custom orders and I want to thank you and your co-hosts for one AMAZING night on the radio. I'm sure I shocked and stunned many of your listeners as they weren't ready for me lol.  To be able to showcase my superhero collection on the show and to you as you were the inspiration behind an entire line of new Floggers and to present you with a pure Sunshine Asis driven Flogger for you was just humbling.  Thank you Sunshine Asis.  I still want to kiss and massage your feet and feel you stand on my face but that's for another day.  


Your Kinky Bitch


Sunshine Flogger.jpg

I met Sunshine at a clothing optional party over the summer and she has welcomed me into the lifestyle better than any host I’ve encountered. I tend to be shy at first but she opened me up and made me feel welcome anywhere she’s at. I love her energy and don’t ever want to miss wherever she’s at. She is the best hostess and throws some of the best parties. Can’t wait for even more. You’re the best at what you do Goddess!!!!! See you very soon!!!!

​​Toine- Baltimore, Maryland


 I met Sunshine at a club two years ago. Her warmth and positivity were an instant draw. I’ve been most impressed by her integrity and care in how she curates the highest quality in social experiences. My most memorable moments have been with her and whenever my schedule allows, if she’s hosting an experience, I will be there.
Lizzie Silva -Maryland

Photo with Mike Quinn_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Meeting you, light conversation as you were in a different zone and remembering closed mouths don't get fed....still a memory that won't be dismissed.

Sunshine and Flip Halloween 1.jpg

I met Sunshine when I was still fairly new to the scene and was in a relationship. At first site she looked ANGELIC and in a class of her own and after the better half of a decade later I have yet to be disappointed.


She has redefined what it means to truly be an "INDEPENDENT" woman and WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A BOSS in real life as well as in the vanilla scene. I not only respect her and her movement, I WILLING give my all to support her vision and the dreams that will come from it. Being her  OFFICIAL Videographer and House Manager I have been around for quite a few good and bad moments and rode out the ups and downs. At the end of the day, I have NEVER known another like her. I L.O.V.E. YOU Sunshine Asis... 🌻😍💪💐  Flip

Sunshine & Rob.jpg

Good Evening Sunshine,


Hmmmm, where do I start. I believe the summer of 2015 is the year in time that this feisty queen shined into my life. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to make her apart of my circle. From her stature, to how she commands a room of individuals to have the attention on her was evident that she was truly a boss and it drew me closer to her. Fast forwarding to 2019, you have been nothing but a blessing on so many levels. Love you always your dragon fly buddy. 

Rob - Maryland


There are so many things I can say about my experiences with Sunshine but nothing compares to the love and energy she brings to any event, gathering, session, etc... Whatever she sets her mind on she becomes fully invested! And for that I am #teamsunshine all day!  Her level of commitment and dedication in all that she does gives me the Hope I need to get through everything. Whether it’s dealing with my relationships, fulfilling my sexual desires, being open to being who I truly am, and loving me for me! She’s the positive Rays that Shine on me in my darkest days. And for that I am forever grateful that she extended an invitation for me in her world! It’s a privilege and honor!

-Karmanbella aka Baby Girl

You know that feeling you get when you know something good is nearby? That is how Sunshine makes me feel. What about when your body tingles inexplicably and blood rushes away from all vital organs to engorge all of your erogenous zones? That is what Sunshine has taught me to seek and aim to provide. The sense of having somewhere I belong... and that I’m wanted. That is what #TeamSunshine means to me. When I first met Sunshine Asis I had no idea she would impact my life the way she has although I knew instantly that she definitely would be a life changer. Although I have my major flaws and a laundry list of “eff ups” she still embraces me and has never turned her back on me. She is in a class of her own! Incomparable! I love not just who you are to me, but who you are to the masses. I admire you in your greatness and growth and am honored to be your protector! 

Yours Truly,



I was introduced to Sunshine recently on a cruise and immediately felt a      connection. She was sexy, smart, powerful, fun and full of light (she gets her name honestly). Now I tune in to all her live shows on Wednesday’s, because she and Summer do a great job leading the show and involving the audience. We have a lot of fun and stimulating conversations that you don’t get just anywhere so I always look forward to her shows. And now I can’t wait to see her on other trips!

Caleb “Little Daddy” from California


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